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N-DEx Audit Information

 Audit Information

The CJIS Audit Unit initiated the N-DEx audit in October 2009. This audit is designed to assess N-DEx policy compliance through a review of administrative policies at the CJIS systems agency (CSA) and at a sample of local agencies within the jurisdiction of the CSA (the CSA is a criminal justice agency that has overall responsibility for the administration and use of CJIS Division programs within a state, district, territory, or federal agency). The N-DEx audit reviews system access, usage, training, dissemination, security issues, and—if applicable—Interstate Identification Index and National Crime Information Center use, maintenance, and dissemination policies.

N-DEx audit policy reference material is available to criminal justice agencies at Law Enforcement Online, which can be accessed through the Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP).

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