Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Columbia, South Carolina
September 9, 1996, May 1, 1997, June 24, 2002

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Date(s) of Birth Used July 29, 1963
Height 5'9" to 5'10"
Weight 148 to 175 pounds
Sex Male
Race White


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in a joint effort with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office (VA), is seeking assistance with identifying additional abductions, sexual assaults, and/or homicides that may have been committed by Richard Marc Evonitz throughout the United States. On June 24, 2002, according to his victim, Richard Marc Evonitz, a white male, age 38 years old, abducted a 15 year-old girl in Columbia, South Carolina, and imprisoned her in his apartment for approximately 18 hours while he repeatedly sexually assaulted her. The victim was able to escape and Evonitz fled to Sarasota, Florida, where he committed suicide after being surrounded by law enforcement authorities. Consequently, a trial and conviction of Evonitz for this and the below crimes to which he is linked is not possible.

Subsequent investigation revealed that Evonitz had previously lived in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and a search of his residence uncovered forensic evidence identifying Evonitz as the offender responsible for the murders of Sofia Silva (September 9, 1996), and Kristen and Kati Lisk (May 1, 1997) in Spotsylvania County.

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