Director Wray Discusses the Threat of Chinese Economic Espionage at Five Eyes Press Conference

FBI Director Christopher Wray discussed the threat posed by Chinese economic espionage during a joint press conference featuring leaders of the Five Eyes coalition on October 17, 2023. The press conference was held in California's Silicon Valley as part of the Bureau's Emerging Technology and Security Innovation Security Summit.

Video Transcript

FBI Director Christopher Wray

If China wants to be a great nation, it's time to start acting like one: Abiding by its commitments not to steal innovation, following other basic norms like not exporting repression, or working with other nations against dangers that all nations face—like cybercrime, fentanyl trafficking, and money laundering—instead of siding with criminals against rule of law nations everywhere. Because until it does, everywhere it flouts the rule of law and tries to undermine our economic security, it's going to find us there together, disrupting their hostile designs, defending our security together—not just as governments, but as five joined societies with public servants, private citizens, and businesses all united against the threat.

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