FBI and Wounded Warrior Regiment Connect for Career and Fitness Event

The FBI and the Wounded Warrior Regiment based out of Quantico came together for a joint physical training event. The day also gave the Marines a chance to explore future career opportunities within government and law enforcement.

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John Vanvorst: This is the first challenge of its kind, where we took the entire National Academy session, you know 240 plus members strong and incorporated members of the Wounded Warrior Regiment. We've done one other physical training exercise where the Wounded Warriors came over to Quantico, but they were primarily the only participants and the National Academy facilitated. So this was sort of a landmark, one of a kind, first of its kind joint training exercise with the entire National Academy.

Kylie O'Bar: The FBI event was supposed to be for us to get to know you guys and for recruiting purposes to see if this might be something we want to do to get to know you guys, talk to you, ask questions as well as, you know, get a good workout in.

Alika Gibson: For those who maybe don't know what they want to do. This is to, you know, get their toes and in the water a bit and let them see if they would try this new experience. And today it was the FBI, see if they would have any interest in that.

John Vanvorst: Each of the the movements, the station exercise stations that we had today, we designed also so that they could be either progressed or regressed as necessary.

Kylie O'Bar: I'm hurt to a degree, and I can't keep up like I used to, and that's really hard for me to accept. So pushing myself a little too hard was something I struggle with today. I wanted to keep up. I wanted to stay, you know, part of the unit and keep working out.

Alika Gibson: This is a great way to get Marines out of out of the barracks and into, you know, back into daily life activities.

Kylie O'Bar: Working out together is usually one of the first ways you get to know somebody and probably like them a little bit more.

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