John Walsh Describes N-DEx

Television host John Walsh describes the FBI's National Data Exchange, or N-DEx.

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Hi, I’m John Walsh, host of The Hunt on CNN and for 25 years the host of America’s Most Wanted on Fox, but what you might not know is that I’m an advocate for victims of crime and the cofounder for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

I have spent years advocating for victims’ rights, fighting crime, and working to put criminals behind bars. 

Like my efforts with NCMEC, the FBI has worked to make a better way to share critical investigative information. Information that can … and has… led to case closures, apprehensions, and the prevention of crime.

Many regions and agencies maintain their own methods of sharing information.  The National Data Exchange, or N-DEx, is designed to complement these systems and link them on a nationwide scale.

N-DEx makes it possible to search hundreds of millions of records in just one place, providing law enforcement with a national tool to investigate … identify … locate … and apprehend those running from justice.

How it works. Agencies from across the country electronically submit investigative information to N-DEx, making it accessible to the criminal justice community. You can then leverage that information to uncover leads … form connections … and close cases.

With new records submitted daily, N-DEx has demonstrated tremendous value.

A New Mexico casino robbery solved after an N-DEx record led to collaboration between local, regional, tribal, and federal agencies. A Texas Ten Most Wanted fugitive … a sex offender … brought to justice after records across the country were linked.  Multiple warrants issued … suspects located … and cases closed.

N-DEx is available free of charge for law enforcement personnel today. I really encourage everybody to participate. N-DEx could hold the missing pieces to your next investigation.

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