San Juan Agent Among the Few Pioneering Black Women Selected for FBI SWAT

A special agent at FBI San Juan is among the few Black women who have been selected for an FBI SWAT team. She began the San Juan Field Office's New Operator Training School in May 2021.

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Cease fire! Cease fire! 

I’m not the biggest person, and I know I’m not as strong as some of these guys. But as long as you have that perseverance and, I guess, like, a don’t-quit attitude, because it does get really tough.  

It might cross your mind, but just push through it and keep going.  

I’m from Tampa, Florida. I got to watch other SWAT teams hit houses around my neighborhood. Or at least heard them, because it woke me up with their flash-bangs. It was just a really rough area.  

That’s where I saw one of the first Black female law enforcement agents was around my house; the U.S. Marshals were actually serving a warrant. And I saw her and approached her about it. And she actually gave me a card for their recruiting.

I’m definitely thankful for all the Black women before me in the FBI. If it didn't start with that one, who knows how many there would be today.  


I’m definitely very grateful for all of them before me.  


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