Section Chief Jose Perez on Violent Crime Operations

Section Chief Jose Perez, who leads the FBI Criminal Investigative Division's Violent Crimes Section, addresses FBI violent crime operations undertaken across the country the week of January 13, 2023.

Video Transcript

This week, the FBI is conducting various operations around the country and different cities conducting various takedown arrest operations. Several cases that are not necessarily connected, but we're simultaneously doing various arrest operations targeting violent criminal organizations. These are criminal organizations involved in trafficking in firearms, narcotics, fentanyl, dangerous organizations, violent felons that we will be arresting on various state and federal charges. So this this really reflects our efforts and the FBI commitment to impacting and reducing violent crime around the country. It reflects the efforts of our task forces under our safe streets, violent crime and organized crime task forces. How day in and day out, we work with state and local partners to reduce violent crime.

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