FBI San Diego Describes Election Security Efforts

Suzanne Turner, special agent in charge of the San Diego Field Office, describes her division's efforts to help secure 2020 elections.

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I’m Suzanne Turner, special agent in charge of the San Diego Field Office of the FBI.

I’d like to take a moment to share with you some of the work that my office is doing to help secure our elections in 2020.

America’s elections are the foundation of our democracy.

For 30 years the FBI has served as the primary agency responsible for investigating allegations of election crimes. 

This includes investigating allegations of voter and ballot fraud, campaign finance crimes, civil rights violations, computer crimes affecting voter registration and electronic voting systems, and threats posed by foreign governments and actors.

While the threats to our elections are constantly evolving, what has not - and will not change - is the FBI’s unwavering commitment to defend our democracy.

I want to assure the public that the FBI is well positioned to take the lead for the government’s 2020 election response efforts.

And FBI San Diego is committed to supporting our elections partners throughout San Diego and imperial counties.  We have – and will continue to - keep an open line of communication with them.

Together, our talented teams remain vigilant in detecting, investigating, and working with our partners at the U.S. Attorney’s Offices to prosecute those who seek to undermine our political processes.

You too, can join us in this effort and take steps to protect your voice in the elections process.

On our website, you will find the “protected voices” initiative, which is a series of tools and resources that political campaigns, companies and even you can use to protect yourself from online foreign influence campaigns and cyber security threats.

All of the “protected voices” information is free and can be easily found on our website at www.fbi.gov slash protected voices.

Please review and share these resources with others.

Finally, as special agent in charge of the San Diego FBI, I want Americans, specifically citizens of San Diego and Imperial County, to be rest assured that the FBI’s efforts to defend our republic are steadfast and unwavering.

Thank you for your support of the FBI and for your efforts to protect our elections and your voice in 2020 and beyond.

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