Trailer: FBI Pittsburgh Hosts Substance Abuse Discussion

The Pittsburgh Division of the FBI hosts a roundtable discussion between the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, EVERFI, and the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation on the topic of substance abuse as part of the division's HOPE Initiative.

Video Transcript

Catherine Policicchio, FBI Pittsburgh public affairs: The opioid and prescription drug abuse epidemic has swept through the country. 

Frank Lukez, FBI special agent: Unfortunately because there has been so many overdoses, not only here in in Western Pennsylvania but across the country. 

Policicchio: FBI Pittsburgh, the DEA, the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, and EVERFI teamed up to educate students about addiction, smoking, vaping, and drug use. Teenagers questions…

Alyssa Mahramus, EVERFI: How harmful are depressants on a teen’s health?

Policicchio: ... answered straight from the experts ...

Michael Dukovich, DEA: Smoking is one thing, it can affect your lungs. Vaping is horrible for you.  

Policicchio: This 30-minute panel discussion is meant to send a message of deterrence to those either thinking of trying drugs or just beginning to use them. All of the agencies involved encourage educators, school administrators, and community groups to share this powerful conversation. We hope it educates our students about the tragic consequences that come with abusing drugs. Even one use can change someone’s life.

Lukez: Who knows where it’s going to end?

Mahramus: It’s all about communication.

Policicchio: Communication that we want every student to hear and think twice about before becoming a victim to drug abuse.

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