Operation Not Forgotten

Special Agent Derek Kay was assigned temporarily to the Seattle Division as part of Operation Not Forgotten.

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Derek Kay: From day one when I first got to Yakima. Before I even got there, I was getting emails from the agents asking for assistance. I was getting assigned leads out of Albuquerque to go help out with things that they had. That was before I even reported. So my TDY total was six weeks. I spent the first three weeks in Yakima and then I spent a week in Bellingham, and then I spent a little bit more time in Everett, and then I came back to Yakima after Everett before joining the FBI, I worked as a police officer in, like, the northern suburbs of Illinois. I was there for about 15 years. That a whole bunch of cool things. So what we would investigate as a police officer is almost essentially the same exact thing that we're investigating here. You know, the homicides, the child sex abuse, adult sex abuse, assaults, stuff like that. I've also helped out in some cold case incidents where people have gone missing for several years and the is run dry on that. It's just a fresh eyes. Look at this case and see if there's anything that was missed.

So the partnerships that I've seen with the tribal detectives and the tribal police from the different reservations that I've been to and in my time here and Washington, I've been to three different reservations. They all seem great. You know, we're we're all like dependent on each other. We all need the extra resources because everything is is kind of short right now. So we're dependent on them to provide us with case work, and then they're dependent on us to provide them with additional resources and investigative experience to help push their cases along. So everybody talks to each other very well. You know, very, very good communication. And as you see, the the good relationships between state, local and federal bodies and some of the cases that I've helped out with.Without that partnership and without like the willingness to go help each other out, you know, most of these wouldn't even come to any sort of resolution.


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