The Company Man: Arrest Surveillance Video

Actual arrest surveillance video in case on which "The Company Man" is based.

Video Transcript

Company Employee: Come in, I was…

HJ: Oh, this, this room is so nice.

Employee: …I was trying to rest.

QX: (Laughs)

Employee: Oh, go ahead and sit there.

HJ: Okay. Okay

Employee: I, I’m kinda big. (Laughs)

QX: (Unintelligible)

HJ: Oh.

Employee: Let’s put this down here. We’re going to need a light here in a minute. So, how was your evening?

QX: (In Mandarin) Um, how was it?

HJ: (Laughs) (In Mandarin) Not bad, not bad.

Employee: Good

HJ: (In Mandarin) Did he have a good stay?

QX: Yeah, very nice.

Employee: Very tired.

HJ: (Laughs)

QX: Very tired. (Laughs)

Employee: Very tired. Long night. I was able to get everything that was on the list

QX: (In Mandarin) He got everything we need for over there.

Employee: Everything. I have two disk.

HJ: (In Mandarin) Good

QX: (In Mandarin) Two disks

HJ: (In Mandarin) Oh.

Employee: Um, it was very full.

QX: You are so powerful

Employee: Whew!

HJ: (Laughs)

Employee: It took a long time. Um… Yeah, I mean…

HJ: (Laughs) (In Mandarin) I think he still looks energetic.

QX: Seems you’re—you are—like what I say, you are powerful.

Employee: (Imitates typing sound and gestures)

QX: Lots of security.

HJ: (Laughs)

Employee: (Laughs) Lots of security, um, yeah, again, you know, I could get in a lot of trouble but, I think we’ll be okay from what I did last night. You guys got something for me this morning?

QX: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

HJ: (In Mandarin) How-how-how many hours did he sleep? (Laughs)

QX: (Laughs) How many hours did you sleep last night?

Employee: I didn’t sleep last night. I slept, like, two hours this morning.

QX: (In Mandarin) He didn’t sleep last night. He only slept two hours this morning.

HJ: (In Mandarin) Oh. (Laughs)

Employee: And then coffee. (Laughs)

HJ: Thank you, thank you.

QX: Yeah (Laughs)

Employee: Lots—lots of coffee.

Um, but, yes.

QX: So, so you, you, you will show us the…

Employee: I will show you what I have after you show me the money.

QX: (In Mandarin) He wants to see the money.

HJ: (In Mandarin) Sure. (In English) Okay, okay, (Laughs)

QX: (Laughs)

Employee: (Laughs)

QX: Uh, the door is, is security?

Employee: Ah, yes.

QX: (Laughs)

Employee: Don’t worry about the door.

HJ: (Laughs)

Employee: Very good. Very good.

HJ: (Laughs)

QX: (Laughs)

Employee: (Laughs) Trust? Um, no count. Okay.

QX: Should we check it?

HJ: (In Mandarin) Oh.

QX: [Inaudible]

HJ: (Laughs)

Employee: (Grunts)

QX: (In Mandarin) The disk.

Employee: Whoop.

HJ: Okay.

Employee: This… Now, understand, this is the formula for the glass This is secret. Uh, it’s confidential. And you understand that, right?

QX: (Coughs) [Inaudible]

HJ: [Unintelligible] (In Mandarin) Ah-huh-huh-huh-huh.

Employee: It’s very confidential.

QX: (In Mandarin) In the front…

Employee: So when you hide this in your luggage, you need to make sure that nobody can see it.

QX: (In Mandarin) We can just remove this at that time and do it ourselves, uh [unintelligible].

HJ: (In Mandarin) Oh yes, uh…

Employee: But this talks about how much [redacted] we have.

HJ: Mm-hmm, hmm, hmm.

QX: (In Mandarin) The [redacted].

Employee: Um, [redacted]… But then, here’s how we do it.

HJ: (In Mandarin) We have a lot, lot of formulations.

Employee: This is the secret right here. How much of these we put in.

QX: [Inaudible]

Employee: Okay? Just using [redacted] won’t work.

HJ: Mm-hmm.

Employee: It’s not good enough.

QX: Okay. (In Mandarin) The [redacted]…

[Knock on door]

Agent 1: FBI. You’re under arrest. Gather up. Stand up—

Agent 2: FBI. FBI. You’re under arrest.

Agent 1: Stand up. Now stand up. Turn around. Thank you.

Agent 2: Stand up. Turn around.

QX: Oh

Agent 1: Stay right there. Put your hands behind your back. Keep them like that.

QX: [Inaudible]

Agent 2: Keep your hands behind your back. Move that other hand.

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