Agent Describes Pamir Plane Crash Recovery Efforts

Special Agent Adriene Sullivan describes the FBI's role in a recovery effort following a plane crash outside Kabul in 2010.

Video Transcript

My very first experience with the international community here in  Afghanistan revolved around the Pamir crash that took place on May 17th.

This was not a traditional FBI investigation.


We put together a team of maybe four or five FBI personnel.

Not just agents because it was such a very robust investigation.

Everybody worked together very well.

We had a system set up. And from the very beginning that system was followed out and we were able to collect immediate samples.


It was amazing in that the Afghans learned quite a bit because it was  something new for them.

We learned quite a bit because it was something new for us. Because we had never worked with the DVI.

It was very satisfying in that everyone was able to get their loved ones back.

The gratification from doing this type of work is second to none.


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