Lieutenant Colonel Hajni Gősi

Lt. Colonel Hajni Gősi has been with ILEA Budapest since 1997. At a July 17, 2015 ceremony in Budapest, Hungary, the International Law Enforcement Training Academy (ILEA) marked its 20th anniversary.

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In the opening remarks we always tell them, the director always tells them, we have three goals, and we would be really happy if everybody accomplish it. First, we like you all guys to learn a lot, because that’s why you are here: to learn, to exchange your experiences, to enjoy yourself and to build up relationships. Lifelong relationships, because who knows when you will need us, staff members, or the other colleague you work with or sit next to.

it’s a really great opportunity for them to be away for a little bit from the daily routine from the 24/7 work, to relax a bit, to enjoy a bit the others’ company, enjoy a bit the other cultures, and just focus on themselves and learn as much as they can, develop as much as they can. Because remember, they are mid-level managers or very close to being mid-level managers, and they will have to teach their followers as well.

And this is a wonderful environment for them, to learn from their instructors and learn from each other how to be a better leader, how to be a better person, how to communicate in a better way with my subordinates, with my staff members, with other countries’ members.

I always tell them it’s a two-fold thing. As much as you show from yourself, you will receive probably as much back from them.

Relationships, that’s what helps us, that’s what makes us more professional, more enthusiastic.

After 20 years, this is our result, this is our success story, that here we are. Not many of us would have imagined 20 years ago that we would celebrate the 100th session. With our fifth American director, seven deputy directors. We had total 64 ILEA staff members, and over 300 colleagues from the campus. So big, big numbers. I know them by heart.

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