Máté Németh, Hungarian Police Detective and ILEA Student

Máté Németh is a Hungarian police detective and ILEA student. At a July 17, 2015 ceremony in Budapest, Hungary, the International Law Enforcement Training Academy (ILEA) marked its 20th anniversary.

Video Transcript

The biggest point of the whole ILEA is networking. So getting to know these people. Because the criminals don’t stop at our borders, so we shouldn’t stop there either.

My name is Máté Németh. I’m from the 16th district department of Budapest. I work as a detective in the crime department conducting covert operations.

Each week we took a subject—let’s say human trafficking, combating drugs. I got hands-on experience looking at drugs, actually testing drugs, looking at firearms, actually taking those firearms and looking at them in real life.

It was an awesome lessons here. It was very practical. We actually worked on how to combat these crimes. They like to do it on-hand, go to the field and actually see and practice, do videos.

I love the mentality here. It was an awesome experience to see the U.S. way. I like the positive attitude, the positive energy, you know, just making us thing that we can work through anything as long as we’re a team. I really like that. I think that it’s very important.

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