ILEA Budapest Director John Terpinas on Program's 20 Years

FBI Special Agent John Terpinas is director of ILEA Budapest. At a July 17, 2015 ceremony in Budapest, Hungary, the International Law Enforcement Training Academy (ILEA) marked its 20th anniversary.

Video Transcript

The ILEA program today it’s probably more important to have these types of programs than even they were 20 years ago.

With the way globalization and transnational crime and international organizations are operating, there’s nothing, of course, that doesn’t touch everyone else.

And it’s programs like this where we can systematically build these relationships in that will help promote political and economic stability, promote good governance, promote rule of law, so when the U.S. is looking for friends, this place has built a system of friends that we can all work together to fight the bad guys.

When something bad happens somewhere, particularly for the FBI, when they need help from our partners, and they can knock on a door somewhere and the door is opened by someone who has attended an ILEA training, and they are happy to help as opposed to us trying to convince them to be happy to help, it’s really a super win for us. It’s a great team, we’re providing great training, and we’re in a great place.

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