Memorial Held for Victims of Pan Am 103 Bombing

A memorial service was held at Arlington National Cemetery on December 21, 2018 to mark the 30th Anniversary of the Pan Am flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland and to honor the victims of the terrorist attack.

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Speakers: We remember them. Eric Michael Coker. Siv Ulla Engstrom. Andrew Alexander Teran. Arva Anthony Thomas. Joanne Flannigan. Kathleen Mary Flannigan. Thomas Brown Flannigan.

Speakers: We remember them. Charles Dennis McKee. Bernard Joseph McLaughlin, Jonathan White. Bonnie Leigh Williams. Eric Jon Williams. Brittany Leigh Williams.

Kathryn Turman, assistant director, FBI Victim Services Division: So, we come here to honor and remember the 270 victims of this atrocity. We also come here to remind the world of something that should never be forgotten. While terrorism is still with us, we must not forget that terrorism does not have the last word. I speak for my colleagues in the FBI—past and present—when I say, the active pursuit of truth and justice for the victims of the bombing of Pan Am 103 remains our mission and our goal.

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