It’s Not a Game: FBI New York PSA

Playing online games is fun for kids, but not everyone is there to play. FBI New York Assistant Director-in-Charge Bill Sweeney asks parents and guardians to be aware of sexual predators targeting children online and to take steps to prevent their children from becoming victims.

Video Transcript

It’s not a game. This could be happening to your child as you watch this video. 

I’m Bill Sweeney. I head up the FBI in New York City, and I’m asking parents and guardians to pay attention to this. 

As soon as that instant message pops up on your child’s browser or on their smart phone, there could be a sexual predator on the other end. It takes only a few days—sometimes just hours—to groom your child into sending compromising photos to the person on the other end of that chat. Then the threats begin. 

That predator starts to ask for photos of your child—something they would be ashamed of if anyone, including you, found out. 

Then they threaten to post them online if they don’t keep sending more and more graphic photos. 

If you lock your doors at night to protect your family from an intruder, you should be locking down your computers. It’s that simple. 

if you go to, there are very specific ways to stop those predators from getting near your child. 

A moment of your time could save a lifetime of trauma for your child.

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