Interview with Cindy Valle's Brother

August 26, 2023, marked the 12th anniversary of Cindy Valle’s disappearance. The Omaha Police Department and the FBI Omaha Field Office continue their efforts to bring Cindy home. Cindy was 15 years old when she was last seen on August 26, 2011. She was five months pregnant at the time. Cindy was a student at Bryan High School. She has black hair and brown eyes and she has a mole by her right eye and a mole on her chin. Cindy’s family remains hopeful for her return. They share their memories of their daughter and sister in videos recently produced by the FBI. The videos are being shared with the public to raise awareness of the case. Investigators are asking anyone with information on the disappearance of Cindy Valle to call FBI Omaha at 402-493-8688. You can remain anonymous.

Video Transcript

My name is David Pilum, I’m Cindy’s youngest brother. I’m currently 21, uh, I was 8 years old when I lost Cindy, right here, at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, um. Cindy was very protective of me, uh, there was a girl here that, um, play a game with pool balls, she threw a pool ball at my head, and Cindy got very, uh, mad and defensive and went up to that little girl and she, uh, well, let’s just say she got in trouble, but, um. She was just very protective of me and she cared a lot.

Uh, being older now, it just makes me realize that I’ve spent more years without my sister than I have with. But, it’s still a really deep scar that I have. Um. She just meant a lot to me. It, it's just hard to talk about still but ... it’s just. And, it’s just hard still. We still deal with it every day.

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