Answer the Call

Follow FBI personnel through an investigation and learn how a range of FBI professionals contribute to its success.

Video Transcript

*Phone ringing* 
911 Dispatcher: 9-1-1, what's your emergency? 
Mother: My daughter, Phoenix... She's missing.  
911 Dispatcher:  When did you last see her? 
Mother: Yesterday morning. She left for school but never came home.  
911 Dispatcher: Ok. What is your phone number in case we get disconnected? 
Mother: (703) 555... 
Dramatic Music 
Val: What do you think you're doing? 
Phoenix: I have my own money. 
Val: Put it back. You'll get us both in trouble. 
Phoenix: Fine.  
Val: Don't let him see it. Better give me the money. 
Dramatic Music 
Cashier: It was awkward; I mean they seemed scared.  
Special Agent: So what made you suspicious? 
Cashier: Like, the older one was really jittery. And the younger one, I'm guessing maybe 13? Or 14? But she was dressed like an adult. 
Technically Trained Special Agent: Hey; I got it.  
Special Agent: Hmm; We can't make her out. Let’s run the girl’s photo and can you show me some video from outside? 
Technically Trained Special Agent: It’s an SUV. I can't make out the plate. 
Special Agent: ...Then we got the video from the gas station this morning. 
FBI Employee: Ok I'll get on it.  
Special Agent: Thank you.  
Staff Operations Specialist: Mike, we’ve got a hit on the missing girl. 
Dramatic Music 
Special Agent: So has she ever run away before? 
Mother: Yes. A few times. 
Special Agent: And in those few times, was law enforcement ever involved? 
Father: Yeah... They were involved a couple of times.  
Dramatic Music 
Special Agent: Have you guys ever noticed any adult males communicating with her through social media or her regular cell phone? 
Mother: No. Not that we know of. 
Operational Support Technician: Hey Mike, check this out. A surveillance camera at a nearby business captured an SUV and license plate number. 
Special Agent: Lucie Tereza Novakova.  
Operational Support Technician: She doesn't match anyone at the gas station. 
Lucie Novakova (In Czech): Její přítel ho občas používá. 
Language Specialist: She bought the car for her granddaughter and says the boyfriend uses it. 
Special Agent: Can I get their names and cell phone numbers? 
Language Specialist (In Czech): …čísla mobilních telefonů? 
Lucie Novakova (In Czech): Ano, Ano. (Translates to “yes, yes” in English.) 
Special Agent: I'm gonna need to get your permission to search your vehicle.  
Is that ok? 
Dramatic Music 
Intelligence Analyst: Did you see this? 
Staff Operations Specialist: We pulled this up on Bobby. 
Intelligence Analyst: Did you get any phone numbers on it? 
Staff Operations Specialist: I’m workin’ it. 
Dramatic Music 
Special Agent: That's it right there, they're talking about roses. That’s commonly a term they use in human trafficking. Those numbers add up. 
Special Agent: Excuse me one second.  
Technically Trained Special Agent: Bobby's criminal history. It includes weapons violations and an assault on a Police Officer. His IP address places him at this motel.  
Dramatic Music 
Val: You're ok. I’m gonna take a second.  
Dramatic Music 
Tactical Operator: FBI. Hands up. Don't move. Get your hands up. Do not move. 
Dramatic Music 
Val: I guess I was just… punched 
Female Special Agent: This is Jennifer, she's our victim specialist.  
Victim Specialist: Hey girls, do you want something hot to drink? 
Phoenix: Thank you. 
Victim Specialist: Yeah, you must be cold. Why don’t we go inside and get you some warm clothes, ok? Let’s go. 
*Camera shutter clicks* 
Dramatic Music 
Evidence Response Team Member: Serial number: HSA-764 
*Camera shutter clicks* 
Dramatic Music  

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