Houston FBI Prepares for 2017 Super Bowl

As the city of Houston prepares for this year's Super Bowl, the FBI's Houston Division is working behind the scenes with partner agencies to ensure a safe event.

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Mark Webster, assistant special agent in charge, FBI Houston Division: You can probably hear behind me the noise in the stadium. If you look out on the field, there’s a number of things going on now. They are actually getting the stadium prepared for the Super Bowl, which requires a lot of work.

For the last couple of years, we were working closely with HPD and other agencies—DHS, HSI, Secret Service—and what we provide is the subject matter expertise, whether it’s tactical, intel. We’re here looking to see how we can impact this in a professional way, ensuring that the citizens and the patrons of this venue have a safe and enjoyable time.

Perrye Turner, special agent in charge, FBI Houston Division: It’s all hands on deck. So we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that it’s a safe event. Our crisis management team, our cyber team, our intelligence team, our SWAT team—everybody in this field office will play a vital part in ensuring that it’s a safe event for everybody.

George Buenik, executive assistant chief, Houston Police Department: Today is called a "rehearsal of concept." Earlier this morning, we did a webinar. This afternoon, we invited everybody into the Houston Emergency Center—basically our command post for the Super Bowl. We invited everybody out here to check the equipment, check the hookups, to see where they're going to be sitting, and then also to meet some of the other folks that they're going to be working with over a 10-day period.

We want people to come into Houston, enjoy the game, enjoy the events, enjoy all the festivities, and not have to worry about security. I can guarantee that we have a great security plan in place and we’re doing everything we can to keep everybody safe.

Webster: On the day of the big game, we’ll be here but our presence might not necessarily be seen.

Turner: I’ll be out there working behind the scenes. My goal is to make sure that it’s a safe event and everybody has a great time watching the game.

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