360-Degree Video of Mock Crime Scene, FBI Honolulu Adopt-a-School

The FBI Honolulu Division's Adopt-a-School program brings together students from two different high schools to solve a mock kidnapping case, culminating in a dig at a fictional crime scene, as seen in this 360-degree video. The mock investigation is part of a two-day field training exercise called PROVE (Practical Observation and Vocational Experience).

Video Transcript

Arnold Laanui: The PROVE project is basically an attempt to mimic a multi jurisdictional investigation. Our students go ahead and are dropped into a two-day field training exercise. If they investigate their case properly they'll find two victims that have been buried maybe a year or two earlier. We're using very legitimate, authentic lab skeletons that are anatomically correct in every regard. They will also find artifacts from our alleged, pretend victims, as well as the murder weapon.

Kendrick Dang: So we went out and found out the little dig site where they were found and we started to dig up the bodies and we have to be very fragile so we don't mess up anything and we ended up finding two bodies of one male and one female, and that was actually really cool digging it up.

Angelina Gomes: It makes me feel really humble to think that someone would go through all this trouble just so I could have the experience of solving a real crime. It's actually, after doing the PROVE project, I think I might actually seriously be considering a career in law enforcement or maybe the FBI.

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