Future Agents in Training Get Inside Look Into the FBI

In August 2016, Future Agents in Training (FAIT) program participants visited the FBI's Explosives Unit, where they learned investigative techniques during a post-blast scenario.

Video Transcript

FBI Explosives Unit member, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia:  So what we did today is we sponsor 38 students that are part of the Future Agents in Training Program, which is through the FBI. High school juniors and seniors, they came out our range, the FBI Explosive Unit’s range on Quantico, which is known as Charlie Demo range, and we essentially put on several different training events. We did four round-robin stations to familiarize them with what equipment bomb squads use when they respond to suspicious packages or post blast investigation scenes. We then set up four different bombing scenarios downrange. We actually detonated explosive devices in cars and then allowed the students to go down as teams to do a post blast investigation of each scene to try to determine what type of device was used, what type of explosive was used.

Raven, Future Agents in Training Program participant: It was like being in a TV show, kind of like CSI, how they solve a crime in one hour. That is literally what we got to do, we got to see an explosion of a car and then go investigate to see what type of bomb created the explosion, so it was definitely fun to act as an investigator or crime scene analysis for one day.

Sarah Saenz, community outreach, Washington Field Office: Really we want to incorporate as much practical exercises as we can for the students. We have noticed that something that they like to see more often but at the same time we want them to learn everything that goes on within the FBI special agent positions.

Benjamin, Future Agents in Training Program participant: So just being able to see really what goes on inside the FBI is important especially if you want to apply, if you want make that your career. It's a great way to serve your community and serve your country. Having this ability to be able to come and see what it's like being a member of the FBI and what it's like actually being with different members of the FBI and all the different diverse roles I think really impacted me when it comes to choosing my career.

FBI Explosives Unit member: What was pushed by our agents that were out here sponsoring this was to stay in school, get education, stay out of trouble, and this can lead you to path or a career with the FBI.

Raven: I would definitely say the message that got across to me was to make sure you make the right decisions and definitely be a hard worker and you’ll get to where you need to be.

Sarah Saenz: I just want to say that how important it is for us to have programs like these in the FBI, because it's important that we build the relationships with the communities as well as young adults so that they could be part of the FBI workforce.

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