FBI New Orleans hosts Federal Law Enforcement Youth Academy

In June 2023, FBI New Orleans partnered with Tulane University to host its first week-long camp.

Video Transcript

In June 2023, FBI New Orleans partnered with Tulane University to host its first week-long camp. This is no typical summer camp. This is FLEYA. 

Kirk Bouyelas, Tulane University Police Chief: “Part of what this program is about is introducing them to what a career in law enforcement would be. The other part of it is to try to get some interest in going to and attending college."

Captain Kevin Decker, JPSO/FBINAA: “It’s not just what you see on tv. There’s so much more to it and it’s better than it is on tv.”

Duane Evans, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana: “Law enforcement is seeking committed, intelligent, honest, and energized individuals to join its ranks. How else are you going to make an educated decisión about a future, a potential future career choice unless you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.”

Douglas A. Williams, Jr., Special Agent in Charge FBI New Orleans: My name’s Doug Williams. I’m the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI here in New Orleans. We cover all of Louisiana. And we also have six, what we call resident agencies, which are satellite offices that are all throughout the state. We rely on partnerships. That’s what everything is about is partnerships. We’re partnering with Tulane bringing you all here today. We have accountants and lawyers and former law enforcement officers and military people too. But we also have engineers, scientists, biochemists, school teachers, counselors. It doesn’t matter what law enforcement job you’re working on you get to help people every single day."

Judge: Counsel can you please introduce yourselves individually for the court?

Madison/Baton Rouge, LA: Madison Albright for the United States.  This is not his first time, this is the just the first time he got caught.

Christopher/Baton Rouge, LA: Mr. Doe’s actions were premeditated and he planned everything before entering the bank.

Jacelyn/Lafayette, LA: The goal of the courts is to serve justice, not only for the victims but for the defendant himself.

Judge: I think that both counsel did an amazing job. Mr. Doe you should be very proud of your attorneys because I was going to give you 48 months before today.

Audience: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America”. (Students walking into auditorium for graduation ceremony. Family and friends gathered to congratulate the graduates, who have this advice for others who consider following their lead.)

Micaela/Kaplan, LA: It was absolutely worth it. I feel like it’s improved my character and my knowledge of careers in law enforcement.

Madison/Jonesboro, LA: Definitely do it. Even if you don’t know what you want to do, do it.

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