Special Agent Al Tribble

FBI Recruitment Video: Al Tribble

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Al Tribble: Prior to joining the FBI, I was a banking officer for Fidelity Bank.

Back in the late 90s, all the banks were being gobbled up by larger banks, and so I started looking. At a job fair, one of the recruiters told me that the only thing different between a banker and a FBI special agent is that I would now have a gun to go with my suit.

My chief responsibilities here are supervising a squad of professionals that are responsible for investigating violent crimes against children and human trafficking. We’re trying to target the pimp activity here in Houston.

If I were hand-selecting an individual to work with my group, I would want to know are they capable of doing the impossible, working long hours when everybody else has long given up? We have personnel that pull 12-, 14-, 16 hour days at times just to make sure that the public can sleep at night. And so I want to know, are you committed? I want to know, do you have the wherewith all to be a self-motivator to go out and get the job done? And if you have that, we certainly want you in the FBI.

My wife is a forensic accountant for the FBI, so we commute together, we talk about case work, and I have one grown daughter. And Dad has spoken at every school, every university, every graduate school that she’s attended, and I think she’s quite proud of her old man. So, I want all the boys to know that she’s got someone looking out for her.

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