FBI Portland Cyber Recruiting: Regional Computer Forensics Lab

FBI Portland Senior Forensic Examiner Justin Lazenby discusses his work with the Northwest Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Justin Lazenby, and I am a senior forensic examiner with the Northwest Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory. And the CFL is a task force, which means it's FBI and other local law enforcement kind of working together. Specifically, we do computer forensics - so criminal cases involving some sort of digital data.

The kinds of cases I work involve child exploitation, fraud, national security issues, theft, identity theft, computer intrusion, drug cases...and these days just about anything that involves a cell phone. So it's my job to look into computer data, to look for artifacts specific to a criminal case.

It's a challenge; I'm kind of one of those people that likes puzzles. I like to find solutions to problems. And every case I do is a new problem, a new solution, a new puzzle that I need to solve. 

The advice I would have for a student or a young professional would be to take a lot of computer courses, if not get a degree in the computer field. Over and above that, I would say to an extra step. So look toward master's classes, look toward further experience in the field of computers or cyber investigations. Make yourself the most viable candidate.

Everybody that I work with is very positive, very, very smart, clever, creative, strong people, all looking to do the right thing.

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