FBI Portland Cyber Recruiting: Oregon Cyber Task Force

FBI Portland Supervisory Special Agent Gabe Gunderson discusses the Oregon Cyber Task Force, which he leads for the FBI.

Video Transcript

My name is Gabriel Gunderson. I lead the Oregon Cyber Task Force for the FBI.

So the Cyber Task Force is responsible for a number of different criminal cyber crimes. These include ransomware. These include botnets. And we're doing a lot more cryptocurrency theft, theft of NFTs...

So I have created a network of friends of colleagues that I call upon at all times to get the job done. And so having that force multiplier of a global partnership has been probably the best part of coming to work and working on solving the types of cases that I solve.

That type of visibility, a type of exposure to the world has helped develop myself and helped help me understand the communities I serve, and the impact that I can have on individuals, businesses, and communities who are suffering from either a financial loss of some cybercrime or some other cyber-related fraud.

It's very rewarding coming to work everyday. It's very rewarding having an impact on the people I serve.

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