FBI Pittsburgh Highlights Teen Academy

FBI Pittsburgh Highlights Teen Academy

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Student 1: You come here and you get to ask real-life FBI agents, SWAT, media reporters—anything like that, what are you doing to help civilians like us on an everyday basis. And it’s not something you get taught in your history class in high school.

Student 2: It’s nothing how they have on like Criminal Minds. It’s more reality.

ASAC: I was amazed at this kind of thing, everyone’s going to either be a criminal justice major or they're  going to be more former military like myself.

SAC: It's another way to get our message out—what we do, to teach the young people of today, the future leaders of tomorrow, the future special agents or professional staff, intelligence analysts, what the FBI, more of what we're doing, and really open up the opportunities that exist within the FBI. I hope they learn more about the FBI but I also hope they learn about themselves. I hope they learn what interests them, what career goals they might have, and also learn that the choices they make today impact where they can go tomorrow. 

SSA: 3, 2, 1. Voila!

Student 3: I love the flash bang. It’s a wonderful opportunity. It’s just a workday, take a day out of your schedule and come experience this.

Student 7: My favorite part of the day by far had to be doing the little pushup challenge. You're going to learn more about the FBI, how it functions, and how it could affect your life.

ERT: You’ll see these on TV a lot. They’re called Tyvek suits.

Student 4: Yeah, it’s a cool experience.

ERT: Tell me what do you guys see of interest?

Student 5: A water bottle, torn up and these two pieces were separated from one another.

ERT: What would be on there that would be of interest to us?

Student 6: Finger prints.

Student 6: It’s been interesting just to see more and more about what goes on in the FBI.

Student 3: I like putting the pieces together, kind of like a puzzle, solving the crime from beginning to end.

Student 1: This is a real-life FBI. You can't just type into Safari: what does a real-life FBI agent do on a day-to-day basis?

SAC: So one thing I know about the FBI, and I've been in it almost 20 years, the one thing I know is: we love talking about what we do. We love sharing our experiences.


Student 1: This is a once in a life time experience and when you get the opportunity to come to the FBI house, take it because this is information people don’t just learn on a daily basis.

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