The FBI Continues to Build Partnerships at IACP

Speaking at the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in San Diego, Wray underscored the importance of leveraging collective resources and strengths to better protect our communities.

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Robert Contee
IACP is a gathering of law enforcement officials literally from all around the world. And we talk about best practices. We talk about those things that are plaguing communities and big cities and small towns all across the world. It's essentially our iron sharpening iron of law enforcement agencies learning from one another. And the FBI's presence here is so very important because we do have an international footprint.

FBI Director Christopher Wray
The reason our relationships are so strong —both between IACP and the FBI and among the agencies we represent—is because we share the same values and commitment to working tirelessly and selflessly to protect our fellow citizens.

Peter Koutoujian
When we share our resources, they become force multipliers. And the FBI has resource sources that we need for some of the actions that we need to undertake to keep our community safe, to keep our facilities safe. And so it's incumbent upon me as sheriff to reach out to our federal and state partners to get those resources to help us with this mission.

Jeffrey Glover
There's many times where my organization, the Department of Public Safety, partners with the FBI, including where we have agents that actually work within our ACTIC center when in Arizona. So our fusion center is where we actually have a lot of connectivity on intel information that comes across. The FBI shares a lot of that information. We have a DPS Arizona DPS trooper that is also embedded in the FBI with our analysts.

Robert Contee
The Bureau has an incredible amount of resources and tools available to it, and we want to share those tools and resources with law enforcement agencies that we partner with around the globe.

FBI Director Christopher Wray
I’m confident that through the partnerships we’ve built over decades—relationships that are stronger now than ever—we can tackle any threat and overcome any challenge working together.


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