Securing the Super Bowl

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the FBI's role in securing the Super Bowl.

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Spencer Evans: So Las Vegas is already the entertainment capital of the world but increasingly it's becoming
big for large sporting events. And so in many ways, the Super Bowl is kind of the culminating event of a long string of other successful sporting venues
that have come to the city.

Cary Underwood: And in Las Vegas, we just can't slow down. The prevention has to be our priority. Every single time because there's never a time
when there aren't several hundred thousand tourists and people here or special events in our community.

Jeremy Schwartz: We look at where the stadium itself has actually been located. It's right down on the Strip. It's not it's not similar to other stadiums
where you have, you know, some space between your stadium and all the people, even if you're not attending the actual Super Bowl itself, you're right across the street
at a gigantic hotel or casino.

Evans: So the FBI is one of several partners on the federal side, obviously, and then state and local that are participating in Super Bowl efforts. Lots of different agencies
that are each bringing their own particular expertise to bear and make it the safest possible event.

Schwartz: I would say one of the critical resources that we bring to the table is having a full time footprint at the Fusion Center here in the Valley.

Underwood: The Fusion Center is a multi-agency information sharing and operational collective environment here in southern Nevada, where our primary focus is to prevent
acts of terrorism, mass casualty incidents and any significant criminal transnational criminal activity where we have numerous federal, state and local agencies all working together toward that common goal.

Mari Panovich: In the Fusion Center, we have two full time special agents and two SOS’s so a team of four investigators work together on whatever is needed on a daily basis. So the situations are always changing and ever evolving. We do our best to make sure that we've checked every federal database or FBI database that we can to ensure that they, our local partners, have all the information that they need for a specific incident.

Adam Seely: The beautiful part of having a Fusion Center is everybody comes from different local, state and federal agencies. But when you get us all together in the same room, we all work towards the same mission. Everybody has something different that they can bring to the table. And that's why we find so much success in the investigating of crimes that we're responsible for handling. So having the FBI as part of the Southern Nevada Counterterrorism Center has helped us greatly. It's enhanced our communications with our FBI partners and we're able to jointly work investigations with them. It's certainly enhanced our abilities to do different things and investigate different crimes. And it's a great working relationship.

Evans: Every year, the number of events that we host in Las Vegas continues to grow, and that includes the number of sporting events, whether it's new teams that are coming to Las Vegas or new opportunities to use for new venues to for existing teams to play, that just continues to grow And that enforces for us or reinforces the importance of partnering with all the different agencies that we work with. And it's critical,especially that we work with the fusion center to protect the city.


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