FBI Jacksonville Diversity Agent Recruitment Event Trailer: Special Agent Lauren Regucci

This Diversity Agent Recruitment event trailer features FBI Jacksonville Special Agent Lauren Regucci.

Video Transcript

My name is Lauren Regucci. I’m a Special Agent with the FBI. Before working for the FBI, I was a high school counselor. That had been the job that I was planning on doing since I was 16 years old, but I decided after doing it for a few years that I wanted to do something that was more intellectually challenging, more physically challenging. I used to have, what I called "FBI days," where I was bored with my current job, and I would start getting online and looking at FBI.gov and looking at all the different units that were there. That was 21 years ago, and what I learned is that everyone brings something to the table. In my role at the Evidence Response Team leader, I’m leading, I’m organizing, I’m communicating, I do a good work product, I write well, I’m bringing something to the table, and I would say don’t be put off by well, I’m not going to be the strongest, or I’m not going to be the toughest. There is a place for everybody. If you are interested in this job, if you are interested in this career, because it is more than just a job, make the contacts, ask the questions, because you’re going to have the exposure to actual agents who are actually in the job that you are interested in. Take advantage of it and make sure that you find out what it is that you want to know about the job. Come learn more about life as a special agent at our next diversity and recruitment event on March 23.

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