Highlights from Director Wray's Remarks at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting on Cybersecurity

FBI Director Christopher Wray participated in the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting on Cybersecurity on Monday, November 16, 2020, to discuss the heart of the FBI’s cyber strategy: working with government and private partners to tackle the cyber threat as a global community. This video provides highlights from his remarks.

Video Transcript

FBI Director Christopher Wray: Now, at the FBI, we've been fighting the cyber threat for many many years. We've become known for our efforts to call out destabilizing and damaging cyber activity by nation-state actors, but we're also particularly focused on the threat posed by cyber criminals. Just like we've done throughout our 112-year history of fighting crime and terrorism, our goal is to impose risk and consequences on bad actors in cyberspace, whoever and wherever they are.

We're putting our new cyber strategy in place to stay ahead of this ever-evolving threat landscape. An essential prong of that new strategy is to leverage our enduring partnerships in both investigating cybercrime and raising the costs to criminal actors. That means we're leveraging the information we obtained through our investigations to enable our partners to take action as well.

And vitally that information arms private sector network defenders all over the world with technical indicators they need to protect themselves as well as the ability to shut down criminal infrastructure and kick bad guys off their platforms and networks.

The point in all of this isn't who claims credit, it's achieving safety, security, and confidence for all of us in our digitally connected world. We're taking all the tools at our disposal and bringing them to the table so that we can fight this threat together.

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