FBI Jacksonville Diversity Agent Recruitment Event Trailer: Special Agent Justin Brannon

This Diversity Agent Recruitment event trailer features FBI Jacksonville Special Agent Justin Brannon

Video Transcript

My name is Justin Brannon. I'm a special agent with the FBI. I joined the FBI after about eight or nine years working in the private sector finance. Things are going well. I was doing well, but there was no fulfillment in doing my everyday job. I wanted to get into law enforcement and the FBI wasn't my first choice, but only because I did not know that it was an option for me. I've been here now for about seven years. It's been the most rewarding experience I've had in my life. Do you have any thoughts about applying or thinking about joining the Bureau? I say go forward if you're not quite qualified yet, find out what the qualifications are and make that a goal for yourself. To learn more about becoming a special agent with the FBI. Join me on March 23rd for the FBI's Diversity Agent Recruitment event.

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