CJIS Noncriminal Rap Back Service

With the legal authority, when an individuals’ fingerprints are submitted through an approved Next Generation Identification (NGI) connection and retained in the NGI System, an individual can be enrolled in a Rap Back Service. Once enrolled, the individuals’ fingerprints will be subject to future searches in the NGI System.

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Do you operate an agency or organization with authority to conduct National Background Checks on volunteers, licensees, or employees in a position of trust?

If so, then you need to know about an automated service that is available through the FBI's Next Generation Identification or NGI system.

It's called the NGI Noncriminal Justice Rap Back Service.

The NGI Noncriminal Justice Rap Back Service is managed by the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division. With the legal authority when an individual’s fingerprints are submitted through an approved NGI connection and retained in the NGI System, they can be enrolled in the Rap Back Service.

Once enrolled, the individual’s fingerprints will be subject to future searches in the NGI System.

With Rap Back, an electronic notification will be generated if some time later your applicant, employee, volunteer, or licensee engages in any criminal activity where fingerprints are taken and submitted to the NGI System.

You will also be notified if any previously unreported criminal activity is updated to the Identity History Summary. Without Rap Back, employers depend on their employees to self-report their own criminal activity or have it discovered as a result of re-fingerprinting, possibly years later.

In fact, since the evaluation is continuous, Rap Back reduces the requirements and the need to re-fingerprint for the same position this saves time and money.

The Noncriminal Justice Rap Back Service can make a tremendous difference in the case of a nursing home employee arrested for selling stolen medications or a day care employee arrested for child pornography.

It protects those served by coaches, teachers, law enforcement officers, and government employees.

The Transportation Security Administration is one federal agency currently submitting Rap Back enrollments for the Dulles Airport employees.

TSA and Dulles have benefited from Noncriminal Justice Rap Back Service.

Here's what they have to say.

Benjamin Vardiman, Airport Security Manager, Dulles International Airport: Aviation workers hold positions of trust by the very nature of their access into the critical portions of the aviation security infrastructure and by their involvement in the very security procedures which protect the nation's air transportation system.

The Rap Back Service is a valuable tool for many agencies to ensure that individuals are vetted and verified in a near real-time basis. This has become evident at Washington Dulles International Airport over the past several years as our office has received same-day notification for the arrest of individuals for potentially disqualifying criminal offenses.

This has allowed our office to immediately deny access to critical infrastructure until the full vetting and adjudication process can be completed.

If your agency has the authority to subscribe to Rap Back, your organization will work closely with your State Identification Bureau or federal agency to provide guidelines and training of their process to submit Noncriminal Justice Rap Back transactions.

Notifications to the subscribing agency are set off by several triggering events.

This service assists agencies in the continuous evaluation of their personnel even after the

original fingerprint search has been processed.

The value of the NGI Noncriminal Justice Rap Back Service is significant when it comes to the safety of the public, especially our children, the elderly, the sick, or disabled.

The FBI also offers a Criminal Justice Rap Back Service to law enforcement agencies.

To find out what you need to do next contact the NGI Rap Back Services team at RAP_BACK@FBI.gov.

The NGI Rap Back Services. Making a difference in public safety one notification at a time.


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