Becoming an Agent: Driving the Precision Obstacle Course (360-Degree Video)

Take a virtual ride in this 360-degree video shot on the FBI Academy’s precision obstacle course as an instructor explains what types of maneuvers new agents are tested on behind the wheel. Best viewed on laptop or desktop.

Video Transcript

TEVOC instructor: So the final exam for new agents is called the Precision Obstacle Course, and the Precision Obstacle Course is a culmination of all of the events that they’ve seen throughout their tenure at TEVOC. TEVOC is the Tactical Emergency Vehicle Operations Center, and our goal here at TEVOC is to instill safe drivers and to save lives—that’s the end goal and that’s what we hope to achieve when a student starts with us and ends with us. And so we take all of the courses that they’ve run—whether it’s reverse precision driving, serpentine turnarounds—and we put that all into one final exam. Law enforcement is a dangerous profession and our end goal at TEVOC is to make every driver come through here a safer driver. And we’re here to save lives and we’re here to ensure that all of our agents go home every single night. You know, a number of times they’re going to find themselves in a surveillance situation where they’re going to end up in an alley or end up down a one-way street, and they’re going to have to get out of there and they’re going to have to get back on the mark, they’re going to have to get back into the game, and they’re going to have to reverse drive out of that alley or out of that garage or wherever they got themselves into, and they’re going to have to do it quickly and safely, and that’s one of the many skills that we teach them here at TEVOC.

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