Becoming an Agent: Fulfilling a Dream

The graduation ceremony at the FBI Academy marks the culmination of 20 weeks of hard work and sacrifice, when new agent trainees become special agents of the FBI.

Video Transcript

Kellie Holland: The graduation signifies for a new agent that they have reached their goal or their dream of being a special agent with the FBI. It’s a moment that you will never forget as long as you live—standing up there, raising your right hand, repeating the oath as the Director gives it to you, and then walking across the stage and getting your creds and your badge.

Alex, New Agent Trainee: Getting my creds was really emotional. Just the fact that, like, this actually really happening. This is…all this hard work I put in is…you’re standing in line, you’re waiting to go up there, and you…it kind of starts to set in, like, “I’m going to become a special agent.

Josh, New Agent Trainee: It was a flurry of emotion all at once. It was a rush and it was also really gratifying after what we’d been through to be able to walk the stage, so.

Judith, New Agent Trainee: I think the fact that we live, eat, breathe, cry, laugh together is, like, the most bonding. Like every event, like every challenge that we did together…it’s just an amazing situation where you just kind of like see each other through and you are, like, either come together as a class or you don’t, and our class was really fortunate to all come together, so everything was a bonding experience.

Sunny, New Agent Trainee: You’ve got great baseline training here at Quantico that everybody has, and once you get out here that’s where the real, the real training happens, the OJT—on-the-job-training. Yeah, that’s what I’m really looking forward to next is…yeah, I start work pretty soon here, in about a month, but it’s almost like I start work and it’s still the next phase of training.

John, New Agent Trainee: I think this training has really prepared me for a future in this career. But every day here at Quantico you have to earn the trust of your instructors and the trust of your classmates and do your very best and learn from your mistakes quickly, and I don’t anticipate that being any differently out in the field. I mean, you have to continually build your skillset and be a life-long learner.

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