Israel National Police General Describes Partnership with FBI

Brig. Gen. Coresh Barnoor, who heads the National Unit for Fraud Investigation for the Israel National Police, talks about the importance of working with international partners like the FBI.

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Israel National Police is a part of the global law agencies. And we realize that today is—the bonton is—join forces and cooperate together in order to gather, investigate evidence around the world. The perspective now is not only your country; the perspective is to gather evidence from several countries, because organized crime, money activity is all around the world. So, we have to join forces. We have to bind with other law agencies in order to gather investigation, investigate in other country.

Channels that we have to communicate together to transfer information. It’s crucial for establish cases, either in Israel or around the world. So, together it’s a force. It’s opportunities. It must be done today because today if you isolate yourself or work alone the chance to gather evidence is much, much, much lower

FBI and other law agency in the United States, we have strong cooperation. I think a stronger cooperation if you compare it to other law agencies around the world. We join forces in many, many, many cases in the last 20 years—organized crime, money laundering, drugs around the world.

We have a lot of benefits in this cooperation in the local perspective and also in the international perspective.

International cases are working, basically, on interpersonal relationships. You’re familiar with special agents and once you’re familiar with them it’s a much better way to connect, it’s a much better way to transfer information.

I have several friends from the FBI, and these friends are from our working together on cases. Once we joined together on case. Enjoy after the work together. Share experience, personal experience, shares our life together that establish ties that go with you all the way. And it’s the best way to establish cooperation, I think. That’s why I say to my police officers, “Besides the classical channels, always, always establish relationships with your colleagues around the world. It’s very, very important.”

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