Special Agent A.B.

Special Agent A.B. was assigned to the Laurel Highlands Resident Agency in Johnstown, Pa., when terrorists crashed a plane near Shanksville on September 11, 2001. He was one of the first FBI responders to the scene, and later worked at the temporary morgue with the county coroner.

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I remember when they actually brought the victims' families in on buses.

And to me, up to that point, it was kind of, I won't say robotic, but you did your job.

And you knew these were humans there, but you didn't feel the--it didn't hit you until those families came in and you saw the faces of their loved ones.

You know, everybody's been through tragedy or lost people, I think, to some degree. And I think that brought it home, what it really was about, and what these passengers did to pretty much save, in my opinion, D.C.

But who knows, the White House, the Capitol building, wherever these terrorists were going.

It's like anything else. You go through stages, you know. You're robotic to begin with, then you start, you have time to sit back and assess what went on.

And then ultimately the personal side of it came when I actually saw the buses come in and, you know, saw the families.

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