FBI Careers: Coolest Stories

Hear from a variety of FBI employees as they share their most memorable experiences at the Bureau.

Video Transcript

Jesus: My first briefing experience was actually briefing President Bush and Attorney General Ashcroft they had visited since then and I remember putting this brief together along with Department of Treasury and it was just sort of very surreal because here I am a very young in my Bureau career and this huge event happened and I am now representing the FBI.

Elie: I was lucky enough that I was chosen to be part of the team that was supporting the Olympics 2012 in London where I lived in London for three months and I was part of supporting that mission. Another part of supporting the FBI is when I was asked to go to Guantanamo for also months and I was in front of high-value detainees that a regular citizen only sees on TV or hears about in the papers and here I am sitting in front of them talking to them almost on daily basis for a few months and that is an opportunity of a lifetime. I don't think many people get that chance and I feel honored and lucky that I had the chance.

Ashley: Even though I've been working at the FBI for six years now, one of the coolest things is still sometimes just walking through the front door that says FBI in the morning and touching my badge so that lets me go through the security door just thinking like wow this is my life now. I work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and it is the coolest thing ever.

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