FBI Special Agent Reunites with Rescued Newborn, Now Marine, During Retirement Ceremony

At his August 9, 2019 retirement ceremony, outgoing FBI Knoxville Special Agent in Charge Troy Sowers was able to meet U.S. Marine Cpl. Stewart Rembert, who he recovered as an infant following a 1997 kidnapping in Washington state.

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FBI Knoxville Special Agent in Charge Troy Sowers (retired): Completely surprised they pulled this off. I did not know it at all I'd wanted something very simple. I asked for coffee and donuts and they shocked me.

U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Stewart Rembert: It stirred up a lot of happiness and privilege honestly to like be able to meet this man. I was just really ecstatic that they would come to me like 22 years later and like when he's retiring. I just thought it was like a great thing like to come down and meet him.

Sowers: I'm extremely proud for him. I'm proud of anybody who serves others above themselves, and the fact that he is willing to serve this country in the United States Marine Corps I think is just a perfect example of what we expect of everybody.

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