STEM and the FBI

The FBI employs science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to advance investigations and stay ahead of threats. Learn more about STEM jobs:

Video Transcript

Peter: STEM is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. It represents four key areas where being creative or curious about things enables you to solve problems big and small more efficiently.

Curtis: and STEM helps the FBI and its mission because STEM relates to everything we always do. It affects our lives everyday

Jodi: A variety of STEM disciplines are integral basic daily operations at the FBI and STEM also factors directly into the FBI’s intelligence, investigative and criminal case work. Peter: I use my STEM background daily in my duties as a software developer, designing and maintaining software solutions for the FBI

Brian: My job is to take a look at problems that come up, large data problems, complex problems, and solve those problems. Provide solutions to our leadership, provide solutions to investigators in the field.

Curtis: In the investigations we are processing today there’s always a digital component. Being able to understand and effectively extract the data to be used in investigations is critical to making sure we are successful.

Brian: It’s not one person, one group of people who solve these problems, it’s a diverse group of people who solve these problems. Diversity is definitely a very important thing in the STEM program

Peter: Diversity and inclusion is an important aspect of STEM because when it comes to problem solving, brainstorming is a critical element and the more diverse backgrounds you have, the more ideas you get faster.

Curtis: In order to effectively prosecute cases and work investigations, we need to understand the science and technology that underlie the high tech investigations that we work on.

Jodi: Technology is moving extremely rapidly and the FBI is working very hard to responsibly bring those technologies to our case work. For us to be effective in doing so, we need individuals who understand and are agile with the newest technology.

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