Director Wray Characterizes the Threat China Poses to Innovation During the FBI's Emerging Technology and Securing Innovation Security Summit

During a fireside chat moderated by former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice and featuring intelligence chiefs from across the Five Eyes coalition, FBI Director Christopher Wray characterized the threat that the government of China poses to innovation. The discussion was held at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University on October 17, 2023, as part of the FBI's Emerging Technology and Securing Innovation Security Summit in California's Silicon Valley.

Video Transcript

FBI Director Christopher Wray

I think the challenge that they present is both scale and breadth. So, scale in terms of, for example, cyber intrusions as part of their means to steal intellectual property. They have a bigger hacking program than that of every other major nation combined. Combine that with human intelligence operations, which include not just traditional spies engaged in stealing trade secrets from private businesses and research institutions, but also tasking all sorts of nontraditional collectors and recruiting insiders inside businesses and other institutions.

And then, layered on top of that, in the private sector, in particular, seemingly innocuous joint ventures, investments, other kinds of transactions which are designed to facilitate or enable the threat. So part of what makes it so challenging is all of those tools deployed in tandem at a scale that, the likes of which we've never seen.

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