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Protecting business is our business.

Our investigations make a difference to your bottom line and the overall economy—whether it’s keeping the competitive playing field level through our antitrust cases, protecting trade secrets and intellectual property, patrolling cyberspace, or preventing financially-crippling terrorist attacks. We work with business professionals across the country every day—not just to request support for our investigations, but to provide a range of services and to join together to protect vital infrastructure.

Services & Resources

Protecting Companies From...
- Antitrust Violations
- Bank Robberies
- Cyber Threats
- Economic Espionage
- Fraud
- Infrastructure Threats
- Piracy/Intellectual Property Theft
- Retail Theft | Cargo Theft
- Terrorism
- WMD Threats
- Workplace Threats

Our Services
- Criminal History Summary Checks
- Checks on Bank Employees
- Crime Statistics
- Gun Checks
- Requests for FBI Records

- 1099 Help & Information
- Business Travel Tips
- Business.gov
- Domestic Security Alliance Council
- Forms.gov
- IT Vendor Appointments

Doing Business With Us
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Learn about how to do business with us, including products and services we purchase, frequently asked questions, outreach events, contact information, and more. Details




Go Inside the FBI
Each year, hundreds of business execs get an inside look at the FBI through our Citizens Academies. Learn more about them and our other outreach efforts. Details