National Data Exchange (N-DEx)

National Data Exchange (N-DEx) Graphic

N-DEx provides criminal justice agencies with an online tool for sharing, searching, linking, and analyzing information across jurisdictional boundaries. A national repository of criminal justice records submitted by agencies from around the nation, N-DEx enables users to “connect the dots” between data on people, places, and things that may seem unrelated in order to link investigations and investigators. 

N-DEx supplies free, secure, and immediate access to relevant information, enhances the criminal justice community’s ability to share that information in a timely manner, and provides analysis and collaboration tools to assist investigators working cases cooperatively with other agencies.


N-DEx contains records from the entire criminal justice lifecycle:

  • Incidents
  • Arrests
  • Missing persons
  • Service calls
  • Bookings
  • Holdings
  • Incarcerations
  • Pre-trial
  • Pre-sentence
  • Warrants
  • Supervised releases
  • Citations/tickets
  • Field/contact interviews

Access to N-DEx is granted to criminal justice professionals. For more information about N-DEx, contact us at 304-625-0555 or


N-DEx, a national database of criminal justice records, benefits professionals throughout the criminal justice community, including:

  • Analysts
  • Corrections investigators
  • Detectives
  • Patrol officers
  • Pre-trial, parole, and probation officers
  • Regional dispatchers

Analysts: Connecting the Dots

Analyst looking for patterns about IED.With N-DEx, analysts have access to the criminal justice records of thousands of agencies across the nation to link investigative information and quickly obtain more detailed reports. Additionally, N-DEx provides visualization tools to graphically depict associations between people, places, things, and events either on a link-analysis chart or on a map. For ongoing investigations, the subscription and notification feature automatically notifies analysts if other users are searching for the same criteria or if a new record concerning their investigation is added to the system. N-DEx allows analysts to work with other analysts across the nation in a collaborative environment that instantly and securely shares pertinent information, including images, videos, charts, graphs, notes, and case reports, via any type or size of file.

Corrections Investigators: Improving Inmate Management

Corrections investigators can use N-DEx to enhance their knowledge and understanding of inmates. N-DEx helps discover links and associations among inmates and visitors and offers information about an inmate’s visitor and mailing lists. By searching over 4,000 criminal justice agencies’ records when conducting pre-release investigations, N-DEx can serve to help make informed decisions with regard to inmate classification and release planning.

Detectives: Linking Investigations

N-DEx provides detectives with immediate access to criminal justice records from thousands of agencies across the nation. Users can view incident reports, arrest reports, booking and incarceration reports, pre-trial investigations, and probation and parole records. The N-DEx collaboration tool, which allows users to invite authorized members from other agencies to view and share information in a safe and secure online environment, enables users to team up with other investigators to quickly and securely share pertinent information, including images, videos, charts, graphs, notes, case reports, etc. Visualization tools graphically depict associations between people, places, things, and events on link-analysis charts or maps. With the subscription and notification feature, detectives are notified if other users are searching for the same criteria or if a new record related to one of their investigations enters the system.

Patrol Officers: Preparing for Encounters

Approximately 1,200 law enforcement officers took part in the Police Unity Tour this year as a way to pay tribute to their fellow officers killed in the line of duty.N-DEx immediately provides a snapshot of an encountered person--criminal records, associations, identifiers, and photographs. A search of N-DEx returns results that include any and all related information found within the nationwide system. The N-DEx Integrated Person Entity View gathers information from all of these records and presents it in an easy to read format, allowing the patrol officer to quickly view all related reports and narratives as a single document. A search of an address will alert the officer if past interactions with the criminal justice community have occurred.

Pre-trial, Probation, and Parole Officers: Enhancing Supervision Efforts

N-DEx gives pre-trial/probation/parole officers information on previously unknown relationships among their clients, allowing more effective client monitoring. It also allows officers to be quickly notified when a client has any form of contact with law enforcement, and to learn when law enforcement has an interest in their client. Through a subscription feature, N-DEx brings together officers whose cases somehow intersect. With N-DEx, officers realize the previously unavailable advantage of collaborating with thousands of participating agencies and their investigators, which serve as additional eyes and ears for the officer. N-DEx returns search results regarding all manner of a client’s interaction with criminal justice agencies, not simply arrest reports.

Regional Dispatchers: Increasing Officer Safety

By using N-DEx, dispatchers can learn what other agencies know about the individuals their officers are about to encounter. When a patrol officer is on the way to an address, dispatchers can quickly search N-DEx to learn what other activity has happened at and/or near that address. An N-DEx search returns results that include any and all related information found within the nationwide system. And the N-DEx Integrated Person Entity View gathers information from all of these records and presents it in an easy to read manner, allowing dispatchers to quickly view all related reports and narratives as a single document, saving time and providing the responding officer with a clear and concise background prior to arriving on scene.

User Access 

There are several methods available for authorized users to access N-DEx, including going through the Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) or through a direct portal interface from their agency’s system.

For agency-specific methods of access, please contact the N-DEx Program Office. Steps to access N-DEx via LEEP are detailed below.

Accessing N-DEx through the LEEP

Seal foe the Leep portal

N-DEx users with a LEEP account can access the N-DEx system through a link on the LEEP home page. The LEEP is only available to persons employed by a law enforcement, criminal justice, or public safety agency, whose positions require secure communication with other criminal justice agencies. When requesting access, be aware that the LEEP and N-DEx areofficial U.S. Government systems, authorized for use only by approved members of the criminal justice communities.

N-DEx System Account Process

Users must have a LEEP account to obtain an N-DEx account. To secure a LEEP account, follow instructions provided on the LEEP website at During the online application process, users will be prompted to read and acknowledge the FBI Information Technology and Information Systems Rules of Behavior (ROB) for General Users Agreement Form. Submit the completed application and ROB to the LEEP Membership Office by clicking the submit button. Upon approval of a LEEP account, users will be notified via e-mail or telephone that their account has been established and will be provided a LEEP user name and password.

To request N-DEx system access, a user should scroll down the list of services on the LEEP home page and locate N-DEx. In the Access column for N-DEx, select the Request Access link which displays the N-DEx Special Interest Group (SIG).

On the N-DEx SIG screen, select the applicable link (Federal or States). Instructions for requesting N-DEx SIG membership and system access are provided on the Sub-SIG page. Once N-DEx SIG membership has been approved by the responsible agency or state CJIS Systems Officer (CSO), or designee, the user will be notified via e-mail, which will include further instructions for accessing the N-DEx system.

If you are still unable to access N-DEx, please contact the N-DEx Help Desk at 304-625-0555 during the hours of 7:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. (EST). After hours or during the weekend, please contact the CJIS Division Help Desk at 304-625-HELP (4357).

Audit Information 

The CJIS Audit Unit initiated the N-DEx audit in October 2009. This audit is designed to assess N-DEx policy compliance through a review of administrative policies at the CJIS systems agency (CSA) and at a sample of local agencies within the jurisdiction of the CSA (the CSA is a criminal justice agency that has overall responsibility for the administration and use of CJIS Division programs within a state, district, territory, or federal agency). The N-DEx audit reviews system access, usage, training, dissemination, security issues, and—if applicable—Interstate Identification Index and National Crime Information Center use, maintenance, and dissemination policies.

N-DEx audit policy reference material is available to criminal justice agencies at Law Enforcement Online, which can be accessed through the Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP).

System of Records Notice 

Pursuant to the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A–130, notice is hereby given that the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), proposes to establish a new system of records entitled ‘‘Law Enforcement National Data Exchange (N–DEx),’’ DOJ/FBI–020.

For more information, read the Privacy Act of 1974; System of Records