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500th Fugitive Added to Ten Most Wanted List

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The printers worked overtime at FBI Headquarters so that wanted posters of the 499th and 500th additions to the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list could circulate.

It’s a major milestone for this successful program. Ron Hosko is the Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigative Division.

Hosko: Here we are at number 500 after 63 years. About 94 percent of these people have been located or apprehended and were brought back to justice.

Number 500 was arrested just one day after publicity began. Proof that the success is largely dependent on the media and its consumers.

Hosko: Without the media putting this out, and without the public stepping up seeing something and saying something, this program would fail.

The FBI increasingly reaches out to the public through digital media.

Hosko: The consumers of this information are looking at a smart phone, are looking at something other than a printed piece of paper.

For more information see http://www.fbi/gov/wanted