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Mortgage Fraud


These scams hit us right where we live.

From foreclosure frauds to subprime shenanigans, mortgage fraud is a growing crime threat that is hurting homeowners, businesses, and the national economy. We have developed new ways to detect and combat mortgage fraud, including collecting and analyzing data to spot emerging trends and patterns. And we are using the full array of investigative techniques to find and stop criminals before the fact, rather than after the damage has been done.

In Depth

General Information
- Overview
- Mortgage Fraud Reports: 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006
- Response to Article on Mortgage Crisis

Stories and Features
- ‘House King’ a Royal Con
- Beware of Foreclosure Fraud
- Distressed Homeowners Fraud Case
- Operation Stolen Dreams
- Miami Summit:  Release
- Director on Financial Crisis
- “Dream Homes” Scheme
- Operation Malicious Mortgage
- Subprime Loans and More
- New Partnership to Combat Problem
- Operation Quick Flip

Key Mortgage Fraud Scams
- Emerging Schemes
- House Stealing
- Reverse Mortgages

- Tips on Preventing Mortgage Fraud
- Mortgage Fraud Warning Poster (pdf)

Wanted by the FBI
- John Michael Dimitrion 
- Harold Rangel




Just the Facts: Mortgage Fraud Statistics
- 2012 losses: estimated $13 in fraudulent residential mortgage orriginations (Source: CoreLogic)
- FY 12 mortgage fraud Suspicious Activity Reports: 70,291 with losses of $2.69 billion
- FBI mortgage fraud task forces/working groups: 84
- Pending investigations (as of 3/31/13): 1,954 with 72 percent involving losses of $1 million or more
Cases opened in FY 2011 (as of 2/28/2011): 245
Total cases opened in FY 2012: 414
- Successes in FY 2012: 1,079 indictments/informations; 1,026 convictions
- States with significant mortgage fraud problems: Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Rhode Island, Georgia, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York (Source: LexisNexis 14th Annual Mortgage Fraud Report)