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LEO Access Steps

N-DEx: Law Enforcement National Data Exchange Law Enforcement Online (LEO) Access Steps

Law Enforcement Online (LEO) Access Steps

As of June 20, 2011, new users must access the LEO website at www.leo.gov and establish a LEO account in order to request membership in the N-DEx Special Interest Group (SIG) to obtain N-DEx system access. The LEO application is located below the LEO log in box, or you may download the LEO User Application here.

Upon approval of a LEO account, you will complete the following steps to access N-DEx:

1. At www.leo.gov, enter your username and password provided to you by LEO to display the LEO Homepage.

2. Click on the SIGs tab located on the central toolbar to display the LEO SIG page.

3. Click on the Unrestricted tab to display the Unrestricted SIG page.

4. Locate and click the N-DEx SIG icon to display the N-DEx SIG page.

5. Click your respective state, federal, or tribal link located to the right of the N-DEx logo. Depending upon which link is selected, a list of state, federal, or tribal sub-SIGs displays.

6. Locate your correct sub-SIG agency by selecting the beginning letter of the state, federal, or tribal name from the alphabetical listing or by scrolling down the page to your state, federal, or tribal icon. Once the icon is located, click the Request Access link to display the Request Access to N-DEx Page.

7. Read through the Membership Requirements and click either “I Meet the Criteria” or “I Do Not Meet the Criteria.”

a. If the “I Meet the Criteria” link is selected, the SIG Access Request screen displays.
(Continue to Step 8)
b. If the “I Do Not Meet the Criteria” link is selected, the state or agency sub-SIG homepage displays. You should review the Membership Requirements. If you meet the requirements, select “I Meet the Criteria.” If you do not meet the requirements, you will not be permitted membership in this SIG.

8. On the SIG Access Request screen in the text field, it is mandatory for you to enter your supervisor’s name and phone number and your agency’s active NCIC Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) as issued by the FBI. After entering the mandatory information, click the Submit button to forward your request to the sub-SIG moderator. Upon review by the moderator, you will receive an e-mail containing further instructions for accessing the N-DEx system.

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