Serial Murder
South Carolina, Missouri and Tennessee
1990 and 1998

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Age Over 30 years old
Hair Dark with gray; thin graying mustache
Height 5'6" tall
Build Slender
Sex Male
Race White


The unknown male suspect wore dark pants, a plaid shirt, work boots, and glasses. He spoke with a "northern" accent. In 1998, he had access to full-size van, dark in color, possibly maroon.


On 04/04/1990, Genevieve Zitricki, a 28-year-old white female, was blitz attacked while she slept in her apartment in Greenville, SC. The offender forced entry via the patio sliding glass door. Zitricki was beaten and strangled to death and found in her bathtub. The offender left a threatening message on her mirror.

On 3/28/1998, Sherri Scherer and her 12-year-old daughter, Megan, were found murdered inside their farmhouse near Portageville, MO. Both victims were shot with a .22 caliber gun and Megan had been sexually assaulted.

Two hours later and 40 miles away in Dyersburg, TN, a white male approached a woman in her mobile home asking for directions. A struggle ensued and the stranger fired a shot through the door, striking the woman in the shoulder. The victim survived her injuries. The unknown male left the premises in a full-size van, possibly maroon in color.

The MO and TN cases are linked by ballistics and the SC and MO cases are linked forensically to a common unknown offender.

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