Inside the FBI Episodes

An 'Empathetic Pioneer'

June 30, 2020

On this episode of Inside the FBI, Kathryn Turman and colleagues reflect on her 18 years of service and how she was instrumental in the creation and evolution of the FBI’s Victim Services Division.

IC3 Turns 20

May 28, 2020

On this episode of Inside the FBI, we mark the 20th anniversary of the Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3, which serves both the public and law enforcement as a central repository for collecting reports about online scams.

The FBI Top Ten List Turns 70

April 29, 2020

In this episode of Inside the FBI, we highlight the 70th anniversary of our Ten Most Wanted Fugitives program—commonly known as the Top Ten list.

The Oklahoma City Bombing: 25 Years Later

April 15, 2020

Twenty-five years after the deadly bombing that took the lives of 168 people, retired Special Agent Barry Black provides a firsthand account of investigating the Oklahoma City case in this episode of Inside the FBI.