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  • 08.22.2017

    Cold Case Homicide

    After 25 years, the murder of 21-year-old Tammy Zywicki remains unsolved, but the FBI and the Illinois State Police believe new techniques for testing DNA may help reveal the killer’s identity.

  • 08.18.2017

    On the Front Line

    As the central intake for all public leads and tips made to FBI offices nationwide, the Public Access Line receives and analyzes thousands of calls each day to send to investigators in the field.

  • 08.15.2017

    Financial Fraud

    A well-regarded estate planner with impressive training and credentials was sentenced to a decade behind bars for betraying her clients and defrauding them out of millions of dollars.

  • 08.10.2017

    Becoming an Agent, Part 4

    The graduation ceremony at the FBI Academy marks the culmination of 20 weeks of hard work and sacrifice, when new agent trainees officially become special agents of the FBI.


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