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October 3, 2023

FBI Dedicates Additional Investigative and Victim Specialist Resources to Indigenous Women and Children in Indian Country

OREGON — The FBI is announcing the results of Operation Not Forgotten, which dedicated over 40 FBI special agents, intelligence analysts, staff operations specialists, and victim specialists to 10 FBI field offices whose designated regions support women and children in indigenous communities, including the FBI Portland Field Office. During Operation Not Forgotten, over 220 cases were handled by investigators during the resource surge. During the operation, resources were added to FBI Portland's Bend Resident Agency to focus on Indian Country in Oregon.  

Recognizing the importance of a comprehensive approach to combating crime in Indian Country, investigative personnel and victim specialists collectively deployed to tribal areas to examine cases and focus resources on seeking justice for women and children who have been victims of crime. 

“The FBI’s efforts in Indian Country in the state of Oregon are ever present. Operation Not Forgotten amplified our existing commitment to the indigenous communities in our area by serving as a force multiplier to investigate cases of missing women and children in Indian Country,” said FBI Portland Special Agent in Charge Kieran L. Ramsey. “The increased effort resulted in several arrests, including that of a fugitive who had been on the run for years. However, the true measure of success is seeing justice brought to families in conjunction with the FBI’s surge in resources.” 

“Operation Not Forgotten reflects the FBI’s relentless and continued commitment to ensuring the safety and security of women and children in indigenous communities,” said FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate. “By expanding our presence in Indian Country and working closely with tribal law enforcement agencies and community advocates, the FBI aims to achieve meaningful and impactful progress in solving these cases and bringing justice for victims and their families and loved ones.” 

This initiative, along with the FBI's broader Missing or Murdered Indigenous Persons (MMIP) strategy, emphasizes the FBI’s continued dedication to address the violence impacting indigenous communities. The FBI is committed to maintaining close collaboration with tribal law enforcement agencies, tribal governments, and community members to build safer communities and protect the rights of all individuals.  

FBI field offices that received dedicated personnel:  

  • Albuquerque 
  • Detroit 
  • Denver 
  • Minneapolis 
  • Oklahoma City 
  • Omaha 
  • Phoenix 
  • Portland 
  • Seattle 
  • Salt Lake City 

Individuals with any relevant information are encouraged to visit tips.fbi.gov to submit an online tip or contact their local FBI office.